Friday, June 22, 2018

What happened to thinking?

Blogging was a rage some time ago, before the rise of "social" media and the headline - 120 character thought process.  Social media is sort of like getting news and information while standing in the grocery store check out line.

Seems a shame, first because with social media we seem less thoughtful in what we write, and second, because it seems we are losing the ability to read things in small fonts and hundreds of words.  Thought provoking seems to now be reduced to memes.

A shame.

Of course, I am the guiltiest, having not provoked a thought for a 2 years on my blog.  I believe my sin is of little consequence since I think at the peak of my popularity I had 3 readers who weren't in my family.

Of well.  The reason I am writing now is to make sure my blog is alive with activity, albeit one entry in these 2 years and also to provoke some thought.

How about that jacket the First Lady wore... : )

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